Cornwall days 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

Day 5
We went to Falmouth in the rain:( we looked around and had fish and chips for lunch at a famous restaurant called Rick Steins.

Day 6
We walked along to Mutton cove and saw seals being lazy on the beach. We saw some little ones swimming in the shallow water. It was very sunny:) We had lunch on the way back in a cafe on the beach.

Day 7
We went to a fish shop and bought fresh prawns and squid. I tried the squid and it was lovely.

Day 8
Daddy booked us to stay another night in a hotel..We left the beach house and drove to Porth. We went for a huge walk and flew our kites.

Day 9
After breakfast we had to leave:( We went to Padstow and bought some rock and fudge and then stopped for lunch on the way home. I slept all the way back. I loved my holiday but was looking forward to picking up my cat.



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  1. The seals are lovely the shetland ponies are nice too.Looks like you all had a smashing time and looks like you had a nice sleep on the way home too!The video is fantastic.
    Maddie B x

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