Monday 19th October Day 6

I went to school with my cousin Ella and I was allowed to stay until the tambourine and then it was no boys allowed. We just looked at stuff and did some writing. It was kind of fun but I am older. When I got back I went in the pool with my mum and splashed her a lot which was good. It was a bit cold at first but got a little bit warm.
We went on a train to Perth town, we are staying in a flat in my cousin Ella’s house in her garden which is in cousins street in a suburb called Karrinyup.
In Perth I saw a cactus statue and had my picture taken, then we went to have our picnic and I found a water fountain which was really cool and different bits came up at different times in sort of squares but I got trapped so had to run through the water to get out then I got soaked. Mummy did her cross face and then laughed and then we went and bought me some new shorts and T-shirt. We bought everyone’s presents well not everyone’s. Mum still wants to get some more but daddy does not really like shopping much. We went to the Bell Tower which has bells from St Martins in England. The thought the bells were broken so gave them to Australia but the weren’t broken at all so Australia was very happy. We went almost to the top and looked at the sea. We were very high up and you could see the ground through the bars on the floor. I looked at the boats through a big telescope thingy which cost 2 dollars. I ran around in the park for a bit and found a whole bunch of baby green bananas. Mum did not think we should eat them and that they probably wouldn’t grow anymore.
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  1. Hello Arthur, it sounds like you have had a great time! We all really liked all of your pictures, especially the one of you on top of the tower. How long did it take you to get to the top of the tower? We are all desperate to know, how is the food? How many dvd’s did you watch on the planes? Did you get to hold a koala? Can you tell us more about the school? How many days were you there? How many children were in the school?
    Keep us all posted,
    Badgers class

  2. Hi Arthur,

    Thank you for answering our other questions, it looks like you are having so much fun! Its our last day at school today, we are all looking forward to the holidays!

    Are you sleeping ok or is it weird being a different time of day to us?
    What colour is the Australian flag? and what does it look her?
    When you looked through the telescope what did you see?
    What colour is your bed cover?!
    How old is your cousin?

    We miss you very much and look forward to hearing all about Australia after the holidays!

    Love Squirrels Class

  3. Hello Badgers,

    I am having a really great time. The tower is the Bell Tower and is 12 sets of steps up to the top with 6 floors that you can go on. It is quite high but does not take to long to get to the top especially in the lift which is glass. Mum had to go in the lift with the babies because the pram won’t go up the stairs. I think it takes about 15 minutes to the top walking. It is not to hard and I think looks higher than it is. I have been twice now and got to chime two of the bells.

    The food is just the same as England. Nothing really different and they have mcdonnalds here to. My auntie and mum cook and make picnics. I still get honey sandwiches and they taste the same. My cousin Ella eats meat but I don’t. They have a shop called Woolworths which is like sainsburys and mum and dad think it is weird to be shopping in woolworths.

    I watched Inside Out twice and played some games. It was quite hard to watch because I did fall asleep sometimes. I did not watch anything else because we had to put the TV away sometimes when the plane was shaky. It was cool though because it goes under the seat. Other people had TV’s on the back of the seats which I wanted but we had to sit with the cots for the twins. The food on the plane was horrid and I did not eat it. I just had some bread and cheese. The films are already on the TV so you don’t have to put dvd’s in it you just touch the TV on the film you like the same as an Ipad.

    I didn’t hold a Koala because you are not allowed in Perth. They do not normally live here and they are in a national park. They hide in the trees mostly but I did see one. I don’t think I really want to hold one. It might bite me.

    I have been to two schools. Deanmore Primary is really good and I have been there twice. I did not stay a very long time. The teacher was nice and the other children were nice to. It is quite big with about 500 children and they stay there until they are 11. They call reception Kindy which is what class my cousin Ella is in. I have also been to her school most days and I stay for a while and help her with spelling and look at stuff. It is ok but boys are not allowed to stay all day because it is a girls school. They do look at me all the time but I like going. I did some helping there today.

    I left the bananas at the park Casey because mum said she did not think they were very good. My auntie Naomi said they were called lady fingers.

    The twins cry a lot at the moment in the day and the night. Mum says she thinks they have teeth coming. My cousins are twins who are older and they only cry sometimes. Edward smiles the most.

    From Arthur

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