Saturday 17th October Day 4 Continued….

After we gave mummy her present and cards on her birthday we went to Yanchep National Park. I saw loads of Kangaroos, real ones like about 10 or 20 or something. Some were babies called Joeys and sometimes I saw heads and sometimes I saw legs sticking out of the mum kangaroos pouches and I saw one daddy Kangaroo. We had a Barbeque in the park where the barbeques are already there and you are allowed to use them for free. I burned my fingers twice. I saw some baby ducks with the mum and dad and they did not like being close to people and 2 Koalas. Koalas don’t normally live in Perth because the food they eat does not grow here so they bring it to the Koalas from imports. I also had a chocolate caramel thing which was very nice. We came home later and went to bed.


Sunday 18th October Day 5.
I skyped Matthew today on his birthday and I went to a birthday party and I went to church and ate 6 sandwiches. I found a meeting room behind the curtain it was like a secret door and I found another two doors which were locked.
It was fun to Skype Matthew because I told him about Australia and the kangaroos.
Mummy and Daddy stayed home because mum was ill with a cold and cough.
The party was fun and there was a gym bus which is like a real bus that you can climb and stuff and there are little gaps to get in. Kind of like soft play a little bit but on a bus.
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