On Friday

On Friday I went to Sophie’s  house . The first thing we did was watch T.V. We watched Tom and Jerry. Then we had lunch, we had pasta. Then we went in Sophie’s big pool it’s as big as my front room! We played pairs in the water, there was a picture of an animal from under the sea and we pick one up and try and find the other one. Then we played try and get round the whole circle without breathing that was fun .Then we got out and got our clothes on. Teddy Sophie’s cat  brought in a lizard, we tried to get him in the box and it took a long time but we got her in. Her name was Lizzie Sophie Issy  Lauren Ford. We looked at her and some of her tail had come off but that doesn’t matter because when they’re babyies their tails come off and they grow back. I took it home it was very smelly because she had done a poo in the box! I didn’t  want to get it out of the box because it was too smelly so mum did it.

That was an exciting day.

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