Rudy’s birthday

On Thursday it was Rudy’s birthday he woke up at about half past 7 not too bad.

He got some AMAZING presents. First he opened the blue presents, he got a table football!! We pretend it’s Arsenal against Liverpool, we play that every day it’s really fun. Then he got a scalextric!! It’s a Jenson Button one and they go REALLY fast, that’s so cool.

Next he got a Walking with Dinosaurs film, we watched it about a million times but that’s because it’s really good.

Then me and Henry got Rudy a James Bond car it’s got 3 buttons on it. One makes the horn go off, the other one makes the music of James Bond come on then the last one makes it move. He got lots of things I  could sit here all day and list them. But I definitely know he had the time of his life. Now he’s looking forward to his pirate party tomorrow.

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