The Great Barrier Reef

Today was just a perfect day. We went on a  bus to Cairns town and got on a catamaran which took us 36 miles out to sea to Marine Land.

We all had to get changed into special suits and get our flippers and snorkels. We then went down to the edge of the sea and swam above the coral.

It was amazing.

We saw all sorts of fish and sea life. We had lunch on the boat and then went in the under sea viewing area.

We also got on a glass bottomed boat to see some more fish and coral. We saw a 150 year old clam .

We then went snorkelling again. The sea was 29 degrees and so clear and pretty.

We went out for dinner when we got back. Someone was very tired.

Here are a few pictures but there are some more !!

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  1. I am having a wonderful time Casey . The weather is very sunny . I am glad I was behind the glass window when I saw the fish. Mrs Hirons told me all about swimming with them and how close they get to you . They come right up to your nose and are all shapes and sizes and every colour you can imagine.

    Berkley Bunny

  2. Oh my goodness Berkley Bunny, it certainly looks as if you are having a terrific time! We are all looking forward to hearing about your ( and Mrs Hirons’) adventures when you get back!
    Mrs White

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