The Rat King #100wc

Once there was a rat and he was evil and a black widow who was going to save the city. The rat was called Jay and the black widow was Jack. They were old friends but now they were enemies. The black widow was overboard but he wasn’t dead, he was still alive and he was angry. The clock was ticking and he was very mad so they had a face off. They shot off in battle but the rat became a king.He was named the Rat King. He was eating a lime excitedly.


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  1. Hi Tao
    This could be the start of a great movie script! Your writing drew me in straight away especially when I read “they were old friends but now they were enemies”. This made me want to read ahead and see what happened and then you left me on a kind of a cliff hanger which is a great way to end a piece of writing. I’ve been left with lots of questions such as what happened to the Black Widow and the big one of course is what happened next? Great writing Well done.
    Ms O’Keeffe Team 100wc
    Galway Ireland

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